Friday, March 2, 2007

I started taking DCA on February 27th, 2007. Based on what the rats were fed in Alberta and allowing for a safety margin (?) I hope to get to the point of eating 4 grams a day in a week or so. I am starting with half a gram in the morning and half a gram in the evening. On the 28th I took 3 of the half gram capsules as I did on March 1. Today I am going to take 4, one early in the morning, two at noon and one in the evening.

There are no obvious side effects or any metabolic changes I can detect at all. I don't expect any of the hoped for real therapeutic effects for a few weeks after the drug has built up in my body.

I should mention other medication is am taking, the most significant of which is prednisone to make up for the lack of action by my adrenal glands. I take 10mg in the morning. I also use inhalers for asthma, mild medication to let me sleep at night (prednisone side-effect) and various vitamin supplements. I have been using some laxatives to combat side effects from the topotecan and the anti-nausea drugs that accompanied that treatment but hopefully that is almost over. In fact today I feel better than I have in a couple of months as a result of a little more distance from my last round of chemo.

More later.

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